FACT: Lesbians are not attracted to every girl that they meet

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Specifically asked my family not to get me chocolate today because I don’t believe in Easter, and I’m also not eating processed/sugary foods. (Trying to be vegan as much as possible) discovered my nan got me chocolate and I feel hugely ungrateful, but also belittled. It’s as if they’re not taking me seriously, and I just questioned my mum about it and she shrugged it off - she knows how hard it’s been for me to cut out junk. UGH

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Q: hello! i'm currently trying to improve my lifestyle because i want to be healthier and shape up, and i was wondering if you had any general tips that might help me? x

It depends what your goals are? Varies for everyone but try and exercise 3-5 times a week whilst eating a healthy diet. Come off anon and I’ll give you some exercises/tips x

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